Mambo Yo

Rising Afro-Pop Starlet Mambo Yo: Discover His Musical Journey

Introducing Mambo Yo real name Mambo Ali, the rising Afro-pop sensation with a promising talent in the Ugandan music industry.

Born on February 6, 1995, he is a skilled songwriter and musician specializing in Afro-pop, Afro Dance, and Afro-soul genres.

Mambo is currently signed under K Music Uganda, formerly known as Deuces Entertainment Group (DEG). Standing out among the new generation of Ugandan artists, this 29-year-old artist has made a name for himself with his music that resonates across all age groups.

Hailing from Entebbe, Mambo Yo was drawn to hip-hop and urban music at a young age, inspired by artists such as Akon, Fabulous, and 50 Cent.

He began honing his craft early on, blending Luganda, Swahili, and English in his music. Mambo Yo released his debut single “Don’t Go” in 2021, followed by his first collaboration “Lwaki Olujjamu” with Ugandan Lugaflow artist Victor Kamanyo in 2023.

Mambo Yo

Scheduled for release on March 22, 2024, Mambo Yo’s upcoming single “Leo” under K Music is highly anticipated.

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Stay updated on his latest releases by following him on all social media platforms under the name Mambo Yo and subscribing to his YouTube channel to be among the first to listen to his upcoming masterpiece “Leo.”


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