Ritah Dancehall Nursing a Leg Injury Following a Misstep During Her London Performance

Renowned dancer Ritah Dancehall real name Ritah Nasaazi, a member of Sheebah Karungi’s dance crew, is currently undergoing medical treatment for a severe leg injury.

The unfortunate incident occurred during a high-energy performance during the recently concluded highly anticipated Cindy Vs Sheebah music battle in London.

Known for her incredible dance moves and captivating stage presence, Ritah was giving her all to entertain the enthusiastic crowd.

As the battle between the two renowned Ugandan artists, Cindy and Sheebah, reached its peak, Ritah’s electrifying dance routine took centre stage.

With the adrenaline pumping through her veins, Ritah executed intricate dance steps flawlessly, captivating the audience with her mesmerizing performance. However, in a split second, tragedy struck as she landed awkwardly on her leg, resulting in a painful fracture.

Since then, Ritah has been receiving the best possible medical attention to ensure a swift recovery. Sheebah Karungi, known for her strong bond with her team members, has been by Ritah’s side throughout the ordeal, providing emotional support and ensuring that she receives the necessary care.

Ritah Dancehall

As Ritah Dancehall continues to nurse the fractured leg, messages of encouragement and well wishes are flooding social media platforms, expressing hopes for the dancer’s speedy recovery and return to the stage.

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While Ritah’s injury has undoubtedly been a setback, her resilience and determination are expected to fuel her recovery. Her passion for dance and her unwavering commitment to her craft will undoubtedly drive her to overcome this obstacle and return to the stage stronger than ever.

Ritah, presently situated in London, will be returning to her homeland shortly to reunite with her family while she recovers from her injury.


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