Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja Refutes Claims Of Witcraft Use to Outshine Peers In Eagles Production

Singer Ronald Mayinja dismisses allegations of witchcraft ever being practised in the now-defunct Eagles Production.

Over the years, there have been rumours circulating that musicians affiliated with Eagles Production resorted to witchcraft to gain an advantage over their competitors.

However, during a recent interview on Sanyuka TV, Ronald Mayinja refuted these claims and stated that there was no involvement of witchcraft within Eagles Production. Instead, he emphasized that the atmosphere was one of healthy competition.

Mayinja acknowledged that there was a strong sense of competition among the musicians at Eagles, where they would strive to outdo each other through the production of exceptional music.

He further explained that whenever they recognized someone’s talent surpassing their own in a particular aspect, they would seek their assistance in areas such as backing vocals or programming.

Ronald Mayinja

Mayinja highlighted the individual strengths of his fellow musicians at Eagles, with Mesach Semakula excelling in backing vocals, Geoffrey Lutaaya displaying expertise in programming and composing choruses, and himself being skilled at initiating songs while Grace Sekamate, on the other hand, was known for his exceptional choreography.

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Mayinja emphasized that their coordination and collaboration at Eagles greatly contributed to the growth of their respective careers.


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