Rotary Club of Kigo host District 9214 Governor

Three new members have been inducted into Rotary and 5 Rotarians awarded with Paul Harris Fellow award as Rotary Club of Kigo hosted the District Governor for District 9214 which District includes Uganda and Tanzania.
Addressing the Rotarians during the induction and award ceremony held at Aquarius Hotel Kigo, District Governor Young Kimaro, appreciated Ugandan  Rotarians for changing Lives of the people in their communities.
District Governor Young Kimaro encouraged Rotarians to aim at changing the mindset of the people who benefit from their different charity projects  so as to ensure their sustainability.
Kimaro explained that if the Rotarians can change the mindsets of parents, so that they provide breakfast  which may even be left over food to their children as they go to school, it will improve on their  efficiency in class and the school projects set up by Rotary will be more sustainable.
The District Governor noted with concern that although many water Projects have been commissioned by Rotary clubs, many of the beneficiaries have not been sensitized on how to efficiently take care of the water points.
L-R PDG Sam Mwanje, DG Young Kimaro, Nakanwagi Margaret, Christine Naggujja, CP Dick Rwegaba, Director Membership Joweria and CMP Aziidah Nandawula during the induction of the new Rotarians
She cited examples to such projects where they have found water running continuously because the water taps were not closed properly. The President of Rotary Club of Kigo,  Aziirah Nandawula  noted that the expansion of the club membership through induction of three new members is a great achievement because the Rotary International target is for every member  to mentor one person into Rotary every year.
She also added that after Joining Rotary, Rotarians  are required to donate to the Rotary Foundation so as  to run projects  like the eradication of polio project.
Paul Haris Fellow awards were awarded for fulfilling their obligation to Rotary Foundation.We thank them for their generosity and empathy.
Reacting to the District Governor’s concern, President Aziirah noted that whatever project Rotary Club of Kigo commissions, they ensure that they assign different members of community to take up responsibility by educating them on how to best benefit from the project.
Among those inducted is Christine Nagujja, Nakanwagi Margaret and Casio Azaire. The Rotarians who were pinned PHF include CMP Aziidah Nandawula, IPP Mbaga Tuzinde, PE Dick Rwegaba, Rotarian Peter Olupot and Rtn Richard Mwebembezi.
Rotary Uganda is part of the Rotary International that was started on 23 February 1905 by Paul Haris  with the major goal being professionals with diverse background to come together to exchange ideas that help in  extending humanitarian services to the people in the communities they live in.
At the moment, Rotary International has a registration of 35,000 member clubs worldwide with over 1.2million individual subscribers.
In Uganda, the First Rotary club was chartered in 1957 and Rotary Club of Kigo is now three years old.


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