Ruth Akoragye, Victor Kamenyo

Ruth Akoragye Shares the Secret to Her Flourishing Relationship With Victor Kamenyo.

During a recent interview, rapper Victor Kamenyo’s fiance Ruth Akoragye opened up about the secret to their flourishing romantic relationship.

Ruth emphasized that it is the small gestures she does for her man that keep their love alive and thriving. She dismissed any allegations of bewitching him and instead highlighted the importance of a woman making breakfast for her husband in a marriage.

Ruth firmly believes that it is these simple acts of love and care that set her apart from other women and make Victor love her unconditionally.

She understands the significance of nurturing their relationship through these small gestures, which may seem insignificant to some but hold immense value in their bond.

For Ruth, making breakfast for her husband is not just about providing him with a meal; it is a way of showing her love and appreciation.

Ruth Akoragye, Victor Kamenyo

Victor Kamenyo, on the other hand, expressed his deep love and admiration for Ruth. He confessed that he had never loved any woman as deeply as he loves her.

Their connection goes beyond the surface level, and he appreciates the efforts she puts into their relationship. Victor recognizes the significance of the small gestures and acknowledges that they play a crucial role in keeping their love alive.

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The couple, who have been together for a few years, also have a beautiful son, which further strengthens their bond. Their shared commitment to their family and their willingness to put in the effort to nurture their relationship has allowed them to build a strong foundation of love and trust.


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