Ruth Kalibbala

Ruth Kalibbala shares secrets to her age-defying looks despite 7 children and 5 C-section deliveries

Renowned actress, TV, and radio personality Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika has shared the secrets behind her youthful appearance despite her age, seven children, and five C-section deliveries.

During an interview with singer Juliana Kanyomozi, Ruth Kalibbala was asked to disclose the key to her age-defying looks.

In her response, Ruth mentioned that she doesn’t follow a specific routine, but rather attributes her youthful appearance to self-love.

She emphasized the importance of avoiding situations that could lead to anger and stress, acknowledging that some things in life are beyond one’s control.

Moreover, she explained that when faced with such challenges, she entrusts them to God and distances herself from individuals who bring negativity into her life.

Ruth Kalibbala

Furthermore, Ruth highlighted her strong faith in God, stating that she relies on Him to carry her burdens.

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She also mentioned that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, has contributed to her youthful appearance despite having seven children and undergoing five C-section deliveries.


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