Samson Kaumba

Samson Kasumba requests a brand-new motorbike as his 50th birthday gift

Renowned news anchor Samson Kasumba has called upon his close friends and acquaintances to gift him a stylish motorbike on his 50th birthday.

In a post shared via his X handle, Kasumba addressed the accusations of soliciting funds for personal use, including the recent incident involving paint for his house, stating that he remains undeterred.

Emphasizing the significance of his upcoming milestone on May 12th, 2024, Kasumba expressed his genuine desire for a motorbike among his birthday presents.

He made it clear that he was not joking about this wish and challenged his colleagues to fulfil his request by purchasing the motorbike.

Samson Kasumba

Kasumba’s plea for a stylish motorcycle was met with mixed reactions from his social media followers. While some expressed their support and admiration for his transparency, others criticized him for what they perceived as an inappropriate request.

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However, Kasumba remained steadfast in his conviction, stating that he believes in the power of his network and the generosity of his friends.


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