Sandra Teta, Daniella Atim, Mama Ghetto

Sandra Teta Wants Daniella Atim And Mama Ghetto Out Of Her Family Matters

Weasel’s wife Sandra Teta has broken the silence and urged Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto alias Claire Selina Nangajja to swallow a chill pill and let her solve her family matters.

Following Weasel’s alleged domestic violence against his wife Sandra Teta, many feminists raised their voices to see that the latter gets justice.

Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto were some of the feminists who showed interest in the matter as they heavily criticized the singer’s unethical conduct.

Midway through Weasel’s heavy criticism, Sandra Teta came public and cleared the husband’s name from the bad books, revealing that she wasn’t battered by the singer as alleged, but rather ambushed by goons who hit her and made off with her belongings.

Daniella Atim

The statement seemingly never impressed the critics, who went on to pave way for Sandra Teta’s justice.

On Monday 15th August, a voice note between Weasel and fellow singer Bucherman leaked on the internet.

In the audio, Weasel warned Bucherman’s wife Mama Ghetto against intervening in his family matters, before urging the husband to control his wife.

The clip that went viral, was shared by different internet users, including Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim who accompanied it with a caption that warned folks against arrogance, entitlement, and disrespect.

Weasel, sandra Teta

Upon Sandra Teta crossing paths with the voice recording on Daniella’s Instagram account, she was so quick to storm the comment section, leaving a comment that was since deleted.

According to the comment screengrab making rounds on social media, Teta thanked Daniella for being concerned about her well-being, before urging her to stop.

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The former Miss Rwanda further jotted that if Mama Ghetto had helping intentions, she would have let the audio play to the end, since it bore her voice talking to Bucherman urging him to talk to his wife regarding letting her family be.

Sandra Teta further urged the pair to concentrate on issues concerning their families, as she also embarks on handling her family business.

Hello  Daniella!!! Thnaks so much for getting concerned about me!! But right now I think enough is enough. I think if Mama Ghetto was really trying to help she would as well let that audio play to the end because I also talked to her husband about her letting my family be!!! This is my family you and your family too! So please let me handle my family business!! When I need your help I will reach out! God bless you

Sandra Teta


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