Brian Waako

Sanyuka TV’s Brian Waako Survives a Car Accident

Brian Waako, a well-known presenter on Sanyuka Television, on Wednesday 11 October 2023 was involved in a car accident.

It is postulated that the incident transpired due to the inclement weather conditions during the evening, which rendered the roads slippery, thereby causing his car registration number UBB 084S to swerve off the road and plunge into the adjacent trench.

The dissemination of photos depicting the accident on various social media platforms sent shockwaves through the media industry and left his fans and colleagues in deep concern.

The circulating photos depict the retrieval of Waako’s car from the trench by a breakdown vehicle shortly after the unforeseen incident. The incident occurred at Twed Tower, in close proximity to the Fairway Hotel in the city of Kampala.

However, with immense relief and gratitude, we can confirm that Wako managed to survive this harrowing incident.

Brian Waako

Brian Waako expressed his gratitude to the Almighty for the opportunity to continue living, following his survival of the accident, through his social media platforms.

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Brian Waako did not sustain any bodily injuries and successfully fulfilled his professional obligations by attending his scheduled television program on Sanyuka TV this morning.


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