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Sasha Ferguson Reveals Her Wedding With Canary Mugume Cost Ugx 400M

Media personality Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha Ferguson has disclosed that their matrimonial ceremony incurred an expenditure of almost Ugx 400M.

On 18 September 2021, Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson tied the knot in a flamboyant wedding ceremony at Miracle Center Cathedral.

The couple spared no expense in creating a truly unforgettable experience for themselves and their guests, as the total expenditure for their special day reached a staggering Ugx 400 million.

From the moment the wedding was announced, anticipation and excitement filled the air. Sasha and Canary, both prominent figures in their respective fields, wanted nothing less than a fairytale celebration to mark the beginning of their journey together. And they certainly delivered.

The Miracle Center Cathedral where the wedding was held was transformed into a dreamlike setting, complete with breathtaking floral arrangements, elegant drapery, and exquisite lighting arrangements.

Canary Mugume, Sasha Ferguson,

During her interview with Anna Talia Oze earlier today on Sanyuka TV, Sasha Ferguson revealed that her gown was a masterpiece, custom-designed by a renowned fashion house and its price was jaw-breaking.

Sasha reminisced about the year 2016, during which Canary had made a solemn commitment to give her a wedding that would fulfil all her desires. True to his word, he successfully delivered on his promise.

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In spite of hosting their extravagant wedding, Sasha Ferguson refuted the reports implying that the wedding was entirely financed by the first family.

She emphasized that her husband is a diligent individual who consistently seeks out opportunities to generate income, thereby dispelling any notion of financial dependence on others.


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