John Senfuma

Senfuma John Who Was Detained For Attempted Defilement Of His Student Is Released

John Senfuma, who was detained in the course of this week on charges of attempted defilement, has now been released.

Mr. Kato John Senfuma, a teacher in Mityana, was apprehended by the parents of one of his students after he entered her home with allegedly the intention of engaging in sexual activity with her.

However, Senfuma’s plan was thwarted when he was confronted by the girl’s relatives, who then handed him over to the Kanyanya Police Station.

During the search, two packets of condoms were found in Senfuma’s pockets, further solidifying the evidence of his intention to defile the girl.

Senfuma John

This evening, Senfuma John was released as the police did not have sufficient evidence to prove his involvement in any sexual activity with a minor.

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Upon his release, Senfuma was warmly welcomed by his wife and other relatives, who prepared a proper meal for him.


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