Senga Kulanama,

Senga Kulanama and husband Jumba Lubowa welcome a bouncing baby girl

Renowned local herbalist Ssenga Kulanama and her husband Jumba Lubowa have welcomed a bouncing baby girl.

Ssenga Kulanama and Jumba Lubowa cemented their marriage with a wedding in the Tondism faith over four years back.

The happily married couple has since been pursuing their dreams of growing their family further, and they have several children together.

Earlier today, the pair announced the exciting news of the arrival of their baby girl, whom they named Nanenge Najumba Namirembe.

Senga Kulanama,

While in hospital, Jumba Lubowa revealed that based on the traditional setting, their baby is considered a twin, since she arrived with her feet first.

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Furthermore, Jumba noted that with the arrival of Nanenge Najumba Namirembe, their total number of children now comes to four.


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