Senior Commissioner of Prisons Frank Baine

Senior Commissioner of Prisons Frank Baine Prohibits Officers From Unprofessional Social Media Use

For a while now, numerous security officers have been observed utilizing social media platforms to share amusing content and keep up with the current trends.

TikTok has emerged as the most popular platform among these security personnel. However, some of the content being shared is considered unprofessional and undermines their roles as security officers.

In response to this concerning trend, Senior Commissioner of Prisons, Frank Mayanja Baine, has taken the initiative to address the issue through a press statement.

He issued a directive to all staff members regarding the misuse of social media and officers have been instructed to refrain from posting unprofessional photos and videos while on duty.

Uganda Prisons Service

The statement further reveals that any individual found guilty of engaging in such behaviour will be subjected to the disciplinary procedures outlined in the Prisons Standing Orders Part 1, 2017 (Appendix VI).

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All officers concerned are required to ensure strict adherence to these guidelines and provide appropriate guidance to the staff under their command.


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