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Sesa Bat Vows Never to Associate Himself With Zari Hassan After Being Humiliated at Her Party

Content creator and social media comedian Sesa Bat real name Tonda Nasser has opened the lid on why he stopped creating content about socialite Zari Hassan.

For several years, Sesa Bat has been using his Photoshop and comedy prowess to create hilarious content about numerous public figures including South African-based Ugandan Zari Hassan alias Zari the Bosslady.

However, despite the efforts Sesa Bat put into his crafts, he wasn’t at any moment recognized by Zari Hassan.

Sesa recounts during Zari’s All White Party, the socialite had steadfastly refused to take a selfie with him and only agreed after attendees pleaded with her to do so.

Sesa further claims that at the same party, he had to buy his own ticket to access the event, and he was denied access to the VIP section as Zari looked on.

He goes on to stress that for the years he has spent defending Zari on social media, he has never received any reward from her not even following him back on social media.

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It is on the aforementioned grounds that Sesa Bat refrained from fighting to get Zari’s attention and concentrated on issues that matter most to him.

Many people ask me this Question almost everyday Sesa Why did you stop Posting Zari. Here are the following Reasons;

1. Zari yali anyimye selfie ku white party I had to struggle to get one, actually it’s the people who pleaded on my behalf yet she used to comment on my posts every day. Ku party yali tandabawo nga muli mpulira nffa.

2. On the same party I had to pay for my Ticket which is not Bad coz I had to go and support her right? Naye mama nze tebanzikiliza mu VIP munange, basibawo omuguwa nebagamba wano tobukawo wabanene booka nga ne zari tanyega wade so i had to go back n chill with my friends mu kayoola. Ba fan bange bambuza naye Sesa Bat yo supposed to be chilling with Zari okola ki eno??

3. Btw nze i never loved zari ebya Love Love or intimacy i was just a pure fan of her n supportive and Respectful tho in my comedy i made it seem like an “Obssession” NO. naye wade neka Date nti oba since i have returned to Uganda let me meet ko this boy with my Boyfriend Shakib (who used to be my friend) n we gift him something even if its a Boxer or a Cup Trust me i would be the Happiest recieving anything from Zari kuba ye mwagala nga omuntu bambi. Naye waaaa… omusajja nakaya kola content/photoshop with my creativity, Time and Data naye Zari nga akoma mu comment section wade Ka Followback. I mean See how Cristiano Ronaldo appreciated his number one fan called Speedy when they met yamuwa hug nebirabo ntoko naye nze mama nakoma ku Handshake namala nangamba yitawano!!. Yiiiiiiii Zari mukama tali kusonyiwa.

4. Lastly i stopped posting and Defending Zari on social media bcoz Beautiful Girls are born everyday so i was like ye nffaki nensi musajja watu. Nkoze photoshop okuva e kataga paka Soweto nga ndi ne zari ne’kukaziga e Zanzibar namutwalayo naye in reality mbela awo kabalaza kange e’ Najjera nga nelira Rolex kyoka ye Zari ajambala nga Sawa. Lasi Lasi, i know very well that zari doesn’t owe me anything its me eyali amwesibako nga ekikwaso era she didn’t lose anything when i stopped doing content about her but i really felt Heart mikwano coz of the above reasons and am only Human to feel this way not a Robot (This is not an Attack or chasing clout). I remember even at some moment picturing my self featuring in one of her YOUNG, RICH AND FAMOUS EPISODES nga atleast ninga asikali. Yiiiiiii banange amanyi gampede!!
Anyway let me stop there coz sagala kwogera Bingi but My love for Zari will never End nga Jam Agenda I just opened a New Chapter kasita kuba kati ndaba Je’ngenda.


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