Shakib, Pallaso

Shakib Cham Accuses Pallaso’s Colleague Benja of Robbing His Bag Containing His Valuables

Socialite Zari Hassan’s husband Shakib Cham has accused Pallaso’s associates of stealing from him. In a phone conversation, Shakib expressed his dissatisfaction with one of Pallaso’s companions who took his belongings last night.

According to Shakib Cham, while he was at the local supermarket buying something, an unknown individual snatched his bag, which contained two phones, a significant amount of money, and valuable chains.

Shakib claims that a member of Jose Chameleone’s entourage pointed the finger at someone named Benja who happens to be one of Pallaso’s friends.

Shakib reached out to Pallaso to express his disappointment, but the singer stated that he doesn’t have close friends, but as a celebrity, he is always accompanied by people wherever he goes or attends events.

Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Shakib emphasized that the supermarket employee promised to provide the surveillance footage the next morning and asked if Pallaso could identify the person in question.

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Pallaso pledged to assist Shakib in recovering his belongings and finding the perpetrator. Shakib requested the cooperation as his team embarked on investigating the matter, and he vowed to take action against the culprit and their gangs.


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