Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Shakib Cham Expresses Unease With The Co-parenting Chemistry Between Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

During an interview with Tanzanian blogger Mange, Shakib Cham expressed his unease with the co-parenting arrangement between his wife, Zari Hassan, and her ex-partner, Diamond Platnumz.

He subtly pointed out that there were times when their co-parenting dynamic crossed certain boundaries, making him uncomfortable.

Shakib openly admitted to having a conversation with Diamond Platnumz about his concerns regarding their co-parenting relationship.

He expressed his worries and hoped for some changes to be made. However, despite receiving assurances from Diamond Platnumz that things would improve, Shakib stated that nothing had changed.

Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

In response to what he perceived as a breach of their co-parenting arrangement, Shakib recently shared an old video of himself kissing his ex, DJ Alisha.

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This action seemed to be a tit-for-tat move after Zari Hassan appeared in a video with Diamond Platnumz, which Shakib believed was not in line with their agreed-upon co-parenting arrangement.


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