Zari Hassan, Shakib Cham

Shakib Cham Reveals When and Where He Shot His First Shot at His Wife Zari Hassan

Shakib Cham expressed his persistent wish to unite in matrimony with socialite Zari Hassan, whom he had yearned for during his stay in Uganda while she resided in South Africa.

He adds that annually, Zari would travel to Uganda to host her annual end-of-year lavish parties, which Shakib would attend with the aspiration of catching a glimpse of her.

Upon relocating to South Africa five years ago, Shakib found himself following Zari and her son while they were driving to a shopping mall.

As they parked, Zari displayed visible signs of fear, as Shakib’s car had trailed them since the primary thoroughfare.

Approaching her, Shakib introduced himself as a fellow Ugandan and clarified that he had only followed her to say hi. However, Zari did not pay much attention to him, and they went their separate paths.

Shakib yet again encountered Zari, where he openly conveyed his emotions to her and briefly established their connection. However, in due course, they eventually diverged and pursued separate paths.

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Upon Shakib’s return to Uganda, the two linked up in the country and embarked on a romantic relationship that reigns to the present.

The couple officially became husband and wife through a colourful wedding ceremony held in South Africa.


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