Shakira Shakira

Shakira Shakiraa’s search for a housemaid leaves netizens astonished by the job requirements and salary

Renowned singer Shakira Shakiraa born Shakira Kyebalaba has taken to her social media platforms to express her need for a housemaid.

In a video, Shakira Shakiraa shared that she has a job opportunity at her home specifically for a young and energetic girl who is willing to take care of the household and its occupants.

Shakira Shakira outlined certain requirements for the housemaid. She emphasized that physical appearance is not a priority, stating that the maid shouldn’t be beautiful, should have no bums, shouldn’t have clear and light skin, shouldn’t have a slim waist, should have no beautiful smile, have no boyfriend, and should know how to cook.

In addition, Shakira Shakiraa mentioned that the maid should refrain from engaging in daily conversations with her boss and should avoid making direct eye contact. She explained that the boss would not always be present, and the maid would be protected by a security guard.

Shakira Shakira

Shakira Shakira acknowledged that the maid may feel lonely due to restrictions on interacting with strangers.

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However, she assured that the maid will have access to entertainment through television and will receive a monthly salary of Ugx 500K.


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