Shamim Mayanja, Zahara Toto

Shamim Mayanja and Zahara Toto Clash Before Trading Insults

Actress Shamim Mayanja has found herself at odds with media personality and DJ Zahara Toto. The conflict arose when Zahara made derogatory remarks about Shamim during her popular gossip show, Uncut.

During Zahara Toto’s Uncut gossip show, she openly expressed her dislike of Shamim Mayanja, accusing her of spreading false stories about her and trashing her veils as mere rugs.

Unwilling to let the comments slide, Shamim took to social media to express her displeasure and defend herself against Zahara’s claims.

In her response, Shamim questioned Zahara’s contributions to the country, apart from her controversial personal life. She pointed out that Zahara’s reputation was built on having children with unknown fathers and exposing her body.

Shamim Mayanja,

Shamim made it clear that she was not someone who engaged in promiscuous behaviour and emphasized that every man she had been involved with was respectable.

Furthermore, Shamim asserted that Zahara should show her respect because she is an influential individual. She challenged Zahara’s ability to organize even a local meeting to address their issues, suggesting that if she couldn’t handle such a simple task, she should refrain from making negative comments about others.

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Shamim went on to state that she did not invite the media to cover her proceedings; rather, they sought her out because she holds significant importance in society.


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