Sharon O, Ronnie Mulindwa

Sharon O Acknowledges Baby Daddy Ronnie Mulindwa’s Support Throughout Her Pregnancy With Their Son

Sharon O expresses her gratitude towards Ronnie Mulindwa, her baby daddy, for being there for her during a crucial time in her life, particularly throughout her pregnancy.

In an interview with Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika, the former Obsessions singer discloses that her relationship with Ronnie was a serious one from the start.

Despite being only 23 years old when she gave birth to her firstborn son, Sharon was not prepared for motherhood.

Thankfully, Ronnie was ready and provided unwavering support throughout her pregnancy journey. Sharon admits that her pregnancy brought about numerous concerns, such as questioning her decision, figuring out how to inform her mother, and facing societal pressure from other girls her age who had not yet become mothers.

However, Ronnie’s presence brought her peace and reassurance. Sharon also reveals that she was apprehensive about revealing her pregnancy to her mother, but she noticed her mother’s quick reaction when she went to say goodbye before her performance in London.

Sharon O, Ronnie Mulindwa

Her mother promptly urged her aunt, who happened to be a midwife, to confirm the pregnancy, and that’s how Sharon’s mother became aware of the news.

Sharon expresses her gratitude for the support she received from her mother and the rest of her family during her pregnancy, and she successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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