Halima Namakula, Rachel K

“She Proved She is a Woman” Halima Namakula On Daughter Rachel K’s Semi-Nude Photo

Veteran singer Halima Namakula has defended her daughter Rachel K following her semi-nude photo that made rounds on social media.

A few weeks back, singer Rachel K made news headlines after her photo in a skimpy outfit revealed her front bottom.

The photo that spread like wildfire on social media, was taken by Galaxy FM, during the weekly Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Jam Session in Mutundwe.

While addressing the press recently at the just concluded Cease Fire event, Halima Namakula was tasked to remark on her daughter’s fashion choices, and the photo in question.

The ‘Kimbewo’ singer responded by saying that her daughter was raised in the US, where flaunting undies is not frowned upon.

Rachel K

She added that there was nothing new her daughter exposed that the photojournalists had never seen, before claiming that they would go crazy if they flew to the US where similar outfits are more often.

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Halima maintained that disseminating her daughter’s photos helped to prove wrong whoever had any doubt about her gender.


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