Cindy, Sheebah

“She Said The Person Was Being Funny” Cindy On Why She Refrained Remarking On Sheebah’s Molestation Saga

Ever since Sheebah revealed that she was molested by a respected official who hired her music services at his private party, it has been the talk on social media and several media outlets.

The saga generated divergent reactions among various respected figures in music and other sectors in the country.

However, UMA president Cindy Sanyu’s silence was so loud to go unnoticed by music aficionados. During her press conference on Wednesday, Cindy was asked why she never showed interest in nemesis Sheebah’s molestation saga.

Responding to the question, Cindy revealed that as a woman she was concerned upon landing on allegations that sheebah was sexually harassed.

Cindy, Sheebah

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However, on watching the video, Sheebah clearly stated that the man in question was just trying to be funny, and not rape as exaggerated by the media.

Cindy said since Sheebah said the person was just trying to be funny, folks should wait for a detailed report from the latter on how funny the person was.

Who told you it was rape, I never heard of that. Who said it was sexual harassment? I din’t hear that either. Because when I heard it I was very concerned as a women, I was like what has happened. But when I heard she said someone was being funny. So I think we should wait for the details of how funny this person was. Like what does it mean of someone being funny?

Cindy Sanyu


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