NEWSSheebah Karungi Dares Cindy to Flaunt the Kololo Venue Booking Receipt

Sheebah Karungi Dares Cindy to Flaunt the Kololo Venue Booking Receipt

Former Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi has dared her longtime rival Cindy Sanyu to flaunt her Kololo independence grounds booking receipt.

The past few weeks have seen singers Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu in an online verbal exchange over Kololo venue.

Through her socials, Sheebah was the first to reveal how she intended to close the year 2023 with a music festival dubbed Yolo Festival.

A few weeks into Sheebah advising her impending event, Cindy held a press conference revealing how she was eyeing the same venue and dates to hold her ‘Comeback’ concert.

Cindy reasoned that when her management engaged with the Kololo independence grounds venue management, they learnt that Sheebah had not yet booked the venue.


Earlier today, Sheebah got time off her busy schedule and addressed the press at the New Buziga Sunshine Hotel.

Sheebah delved into several topics, including the clash between her and Cindy regarding the Kololo independence grounds venue.

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The self-styled Karma Queen dared Cindy to flaunt her booking receipts to the media, confirming that she actually reserved the venue in question.

Sheebah asserted that Cindy has never reserved the space unless she can produce her booking confirmation.

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