Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi Vents Frustration With UMEME Over Power Outage in Munyonyo For 3 Days

Renowned singer and businesswoman Sheebah Karungi has expressed her frustration and disappointment with the Uganda electricity distributor UMEME.

Taking to her X formerly Twitter account, Sheebah highlighted her dissatisfaction with UMEME, stating that the company should not make her despise her own home.

In her post, Sheebah revealed that she had been experiencing a power outage for three consecutive days while being at home.

This lack of electricity severely impacted her daily life and work, as she was unable to charge her devices and continue with her usual activities.

To overcome this obstacle, Sheebah had to resort to charging her devices at her neighbour’s shop, which was an inconvenience for both her and her neighbour.


Despite her efforts to resolve the issue, Sheebah claimed that UMEME did not respond to her multiple attempts to reach out for assistance. This lack of response further added to her frustration and disappointment with the electricity distributor.

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Sheebah’s public criticism of UMEME sheds light on the challenges faced by many Ugandan citizens regarding the reliability and efficiency of the electricity supply.


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