Sheikh Umar Nansana, Sheikh umar arrested over defilement,

Sheikh Umar Allegedly Arrested By Nansana Police Over Defilement

Nansana-based religious healer Sheikh Umar is being accused of defiling his brother Ibrah’s daughter.

The incident has left many in disbelief and questioning the character of a man they once held in high regard.

The arrest of Sheikh Umar was disclosed by an unidentified family member who chose to remain anonymous. This individual disclosed that he was apprehended on Thursday evening and is currently being held at Nansana Police Station.

She stressed that in the face of such a grave crime, it is disheartening to learn that some family members are actively working to secure Sheikh Umar’s release, despite the evidence that is readily available at the Nansana Police Station.

However, not all relatives are willing to turn a blind eye to the gravity of the situation. There are those within the family who firmly believe that Sheikh Umar should remain in prison and face justice for his alleged crimes.

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In the meantime, the community watches with bated breath, hoping that justice will be served and that the young girl will find solace and healing in the face of this traumatic experience.


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