Sheila Salta, Johannes, Sheila Salta and Johannes engaged

Sheila Salta’s Fiance Johannes Proposes to Her

Sheila Salta and her fiancé Johannes are happily engaged. After ending her relationship with Maxim Kizito, Sheila Salta found love and comfort in Johannes.

On Valentine’s Day in 2023, Sheila and Johannes publicly announced their relationship on social media.

The couple enjoys a harmonious life together and often frequents various hangout spots in Kampala for fun and enjoyment.

During one of Sheila’s radio shows at NRG, Johannes surprised her by showing up and playfully reminding her about forgetting her ring at home.

Sheila Salta, Johannes, Sheila Salta and Johannes engaged

It was during this moment that Sheila revealed that Johannes had proposed to her after his birthday last year on 28th December 2023, and she happily said yes.

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The couple is looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together and are planning to legalize their marriage soon, as reported.


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