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Sheilah Gashumba Advises Ykee Benda to Sue Dre Cali For Breach Of Contract

Socialite, NBS After5 presenter Sheilah Gashumbah has advised Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda to sue fellow singer Dre Cali for breach of contract.

Sheilah’s advice comes following rumors speculating that Dre Cali fled the country to Canada where pastures seemed greener.

Dre Cali’s relocation to Canada was not legal as he had a running contract with Mpaka Records Label that had elapsed only a few years.

Sheilah Gashumba

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Concerned about Ykee Benda’s resources and time invested in the ekifuba star, Sheilah Gashumba through a tweet advised the Ykee to drag Dre Cali to court for breach of contract.

Ykee Benda needs to sue Drecali!! How do you waste someone’s time and money like that. Matter of fact Drecali is CANCELLED!!

Sheilah Gashumba

Ykee Benda

Responding to Sheilah, Ykee stressed that all is well since life is all about learning and you can’t be winning all the time.

It’s well sis Life is learnings. We win some, we lose some. The difference with winners is the resilience It’s on to the next one.

Ykee Benda

It should be recalled that Ykee Benda issued a press statement regarding Dre Cali’s relocation to Canada, stressing that Mpaka records was still in close ties with the former and his family promising that soon the label was to clarify issues concerning the singer’s voyage to Canada.


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