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Shine Omukiga Holds No Favorable Opinions Towards Her Sister Ann Kasiime’s Critics

Singer Shine Omukiga holds no favourable opinions towards her sister Ann Kasiime’s negative critics.

Over the years, Ann Kansiime has endured severe criticism from social media users regarding various aspects, including her sense of fashion.

In a recent incident, several critics went as far as questioning Ann Kansiime’s ability to manage her own family, which greatly displeased her sister, Shine Omukiga.

Taking to her Facebook account in a lengthy post, Shine had this to say;

My sister, my mother’s egg Kansiime Anne / Entertainer come and enjoy the fruits of my violence. Come and enjoy having a bully for a sister. Let me help you shake this table that you are too modest to touch. I GATCHU MUKAZI.
The fact that the two accounts are in fake names makes everyone of you guilty. Any one of us could have put those comments.
I have been seeing the rants on Anne’s posts about her make up, her jewelry, her clothes and now some insecure, sad person out there feels like their opinion about how Anne should raise her son is welcome?
Sika kubeela ne data, why would you decide to malaga-comment on every post you find? If you be bold enough, use your real name and photos tukutiine.
My mother’s daughter is a genius. She is so talented in ways many of us can never be. Anne will sit home in her gazebo and in a day make her own jewelry; jewelery which if she put out to sell, no one in your village would afford it. She will stitch a hat and sweater and scarf from the big glass balcony of her big house. She will trim and colour her own hair from the big mirror in her big bathroom right next to the bathtub. Anne will then edit scripts for her “Glass of Happiness” from her cabin in the same compound..that cabin is bigger than your two roomed rental. She will then get a music producer with a moveable studio and move them to Kansiime Backpackers, her resort at Lake Bunyonyi to record songs cause being by the lake side soothes her.
Every end of month (when she remembers; that is) she will sit in one corner of her big big compound and get to her laptop and collect money ….. over 20M from YouTube. This is money she makes without leaving her home. Just by posting videos on her channel.
She will then drive her Pajero with her son’s professional nanny to Mbarara to go visit her fiancee so that their boy gets to spend enough time with the both of them.
Anne will turn down international gigs that are offering obscene money because she doesn’t want to miss her friend’s birthday. She has her low moments so sometimes, you will catch her in a shade in her compound sipping on a glass of Champagne as she meditates.
Oranywireho champagne mbwenu?

Shine Omukiga
Because you are a sadist who just can’t be happy for other people, because you carry an evil heart in your chest and are hell bent to be bothered by other people’s happiness, because you use the little data you have to open fake accounts to insult people with instead of sharing love, your life is so so miserable you have settled for poverty. You are too poor you don’t notice. You are comfortable and hopeless…there is no hope for growth in your life.
Your relationships never stick, your friends ain’t loyal, your business is not thriving because you have a bad heart. You have opened your heart to evil spirits and they have sucked joy out of your system so you spend your time throwing your bad luck at everyone.
Your partner WILL and CAN never allow you to show them off like Anne does Sky because they are ashamed of you. So you are angry and now just like that, you are mad at whoever is in a happy relationship.
You don’t know what your child/ren will put on for Xmas yet so you are mad at how Anne is raising her son …… Because yours may NEVER get to be as pampered as Sellasie is.
You look at Sellasies’s winter boots and because in your heart you know they cost more than your rent, you are so JEALOUS you rant on Anne’s post.
A Christmas tree in your house is a luxury you can’t even dare think of, so you see Anne put one up and YOU CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT!.
There is nothing Sky will crave that he won’t eat nor drink. If he craved a dish they had in German 5yrs ago, they would hunt it down or travel there for a weekend just so he can have it. But you my evil fellow Facebooker you have been craving ordinary beef for a week now and because you are too evil for God to bless with it, you throw your hunger at Anne’s post.
Nothing good is coming your way because you are too evil for the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Indeed you pick Kansiime of all the celebrities to kumanyiira because you know that regardless of all that she is and has, she is still a nice person.
Me, I AM A MAD WOMAN. I don’t entertain nosense. I am here to remind you that you can also use your data and smart phone to record videos of your miserable life and maybe someone out there will view and like and you never know, you can make some ka money off of it like Anne does. Or invest your energy in praying for a spouse as understanding, fun and cool as Anne’s. How about instead of scrolling on Facebook looking for who to insult, you go hunt for money so your children will be smart on Xmas.
Call her unfunny and say her jokes don’t make you laugh, it is fine. But when you come for our personal lives, I come for you like the mad woman I am.
For us we are orphans. We are all we have. I would even fight Golola if he pointed a finger at Tare.
Anyways, my lovelies, you and I know I am a broke woman trying not to die in this Uganda. I am just trying to raise a happy boy….. actually that’s my sole purpose in life now. But while at it, I am a happy person and my heart is at peace knowing that even when I get high on social media, I don’t belittle people nor break them. I teach, I rebuke, I inspire, I motivate, I grow, I counsel, I help. I don’t abuse, insult, break etc. Is it because I don’t have enough English for it? No. But why come to social media to harvest curses if I can bless people and be blessed too?
We are tired of people who have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR THEMSELVES coming here and hiding behind social media to kumanyiira people WHO ARE BY FAR BETTER THAN THEM AT EVERYTHING.
Ofcourse all this is material things and we are all gonna die, but how you choose to live this life matters. Instead of being kind and nice so that God can bless you, you are hell bent on the Holy Spirit NEVER LOCATING YOU!
I know that this post will get to the owners of those accounts. Let me know how dense they can be. I have time, come we throw stones at each other. Nyowe I am here to give you free life lessons.
Olaba I can KWASHAMA like this when I am broke, what if I was rich?
Ella I serve a God of wisdom!


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