Simple K, Full Figure

Simple K Who Claimed Paternity of Full Figure’s Child Sentenced 5 Years in Prison

Upcoming singer Simple K real name Fred Kiggundu was sent to prison after being found guilty for three of the charges brought against him by Full Figure.

In 2022, Simple K took part in several interviews claiming the paternity of Full Figure’s son Museveni Kairos Pear.

Here, Simple K is quoted as saying that he contacted Full Figure in 2019 to assist him in realising his musical career aspirations.

But their relationship veered away from music, and the two began sleeping together, leading to the birth of a child.

Simple K, 28, claimed that upon giving birth, Full Figure barred him from accessing the child citing he was poor.

Simple K’s naysays, however, left Full Figure with a sour taste in her mouth, before rushing to Makindye court to seek redress.

Simple K, Full Figure

Simple K was later detained and remanded to Kitalya prison for the duration of the investigation.

Simple K and Full Figure’s son had their DNA tested, and the results revealed that the upcoming singer wasn’t Museveni Kairos Pear’s father.

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Simple K was given a five-year prison sentence by Judge Iga Adiru during the hearing at Makindye court a few days ago.

He will serve 48 months in prison for the three crimes he committed, including lying, using inappropriate language, and abusing the internet.

Simple K’s five-year sentence was reduced by the year he spent behind coolers as investigations were going on.


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