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Simple K’s Mother Breaks Down In Tears, Pleads To Full Figure To Forgive Her Son

Last week Jennifer Full Figure arrested upcoming singer Kiggundu Fred, alias Simple K and threw him behind bars at Kitalya Prison.

Full Figure accused Simple K of insisting to have sired a child with her, something she believed was aimed at tainting her name.

To curb the skyrocketing vice of internet users dragging her in the mad, the singer sought legal intervention, and Simple K and others of his caliber were apprehended and locked up.

On 13th June, Simple K appeared before the court in presence of his mother who broke down in tears upon seeing the condition her son is currently going through.

Jennifer Full Figure

The mother who cruised from Masulita to witness her son’s prosecution was shocked when he was sent back to Kitalya until 21st June.

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Simple K’s mother urged the presidential advisor to forgive her son, stressing that Simple K was sketching the shortest route to stardom.

The aging mother further pointed out that Simple K has a girlfriend, who is counting down to delivering the pair’s firstborn.

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