Hajat Madina

Singer Hajat Madina Nursing Unusual Health Complication, Lips Swell After Traveling

Singer Hajat Madina renowned for her song “Bibuuza,” is currently battling an unusual illness that causes her lips to swell.

Known by her real name, Madina Kansiime Nambooze, she has been struggling with an unusual illness that causes her lips to swell after travelling long distances.

In a video shared with her fans and followers, Hajat Madina expressed her frustration and agony over this debilitating condition.

She revealed that every time she embarks on a journey for performances, her upper lip swells to an unimaginable extent, causing immense discomfort.

The severity of her condition has left her desperate for a solution, leading her to turn to Allah for guidance and assistance during this challenging time.

Hajat Madina

While seeking solace in her faith, some of her concerned followers have suggested that her condition might be attributed to allergies.

Worried about the potential consequences of ignoring this issue, they have urged Hajat Madina to seek immediate medical assistance before it escalates further and poses a threat to her life.


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