Jingo Sho

Singer Jingo Sho Accused of Being a Deadbeat Father

Singer Jingo show is on the spot for the wrong reasons following his ex-baby mama accusing him of being a deadbeat father.

According to Ms. Nassuwa Barbra, she sired a child with Jingo Sho during their reign as students at St Denis in 2001.

However, the singer never fulfilled his responsibilities as a father, and Ms. Barbra has been working hard for the past 20 years to meet her daughter’s needs.

When the daughter made it to the University, the mother couldn’t foot her tuition single-handed, hence storming the media to call out Jingo Sho to carry out his fatherly duties.

Nassuwa Barbra

Jingo Sho’s daughter, Nanyonga Bridget Abigail, claimed in an interview with Sanyuka TV that when she asked her father for financial assistance, he contributed UGX 10,000 each time.

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Given the current economic state, however, this amount is insufficient to cover her needs.

The teary 20-year-old Nanyonga urged her father to give her tuition, such that she can return to school because she has been home for now over two years.


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