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SITYA DANGER: Serena Bata Performs the Songs She Was Exempted From by Abitex On Eid

Former Abitex Promotions singer Serena Bata real name Serena Batamuliza has defied her former boss’ directives of not performing the songs she recorded while she was still bound by the label contract.

On 20th April 2023, events promoter and talents manager Abitex Musinguzi slapped Serena Bata with a demand notice following the singer’s breach of the contract when she performed at several gigs without his consent.

In the demand notice, Abitex stipulated that Serena ought to refund Ugx 100M she accrued during the performances she held without his knowledge.

Ugx 300M in fees, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses related to her actual breach of the agreement and failure to perform her obligations thereunder.

Ugx 350m before she performs again the songs she recorded while still under his label and these included Bikalubye ft Chris Evans, Single and its Okay, Rukundo ft Ray G, Ewange ft Geosteady, Ebisenge ft Peace Lalisa, Gwantama ft Nina Roz, Ofunye Omusoga ft Yaled, Land Lord, and Omulala.

Serena Bata

Additionally, Abtex notified every Promoter, Media house, and Media personality not to play any associated with him, and Serena.

However, according to the most recent development, Abitex’s directives fell on Serena’s deaf ear, as she performed the songs before fulfilling her former management’s demands.

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On Eid Al Fitr, Serena was among the musicians that were lined up to perform in Kikoni – Masaka, and she performed almost her entire music catalogue, including the songs that she was exempted from before buying the music rights at a cost of Ugx 350m.

Serena Bata’s decision didn’t settle well with Abitex, who upon seeing Serena’s performance videos shared on Serena Bata’s socials was left with a sour taste in his mouth, before vowing to deal with her.


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