Mc Kats, Alien Skin

Social Media Reacts to Alien Skin’s Men Hauling Mc Kats Off the Stage

Following Alien Skin’s men dragging events Mc Kats off the stage midway through Geosteady’s concert last night, social media has gone into a frenzy.

At the time of publication, netizens’ tongues were still wagging as following Alien Skin’s men hauling Mc Kats off the stage during Geosteady’s just concluded concert at Hotel Africana on (Sept. 09).

The incident was seemingly triggered when Alien Skin was ready to take on the stage, but Mc Kats was still announcing several forthcoming shows.

This compelled a yet-to-be-identified lad with tinted hair to grab the mic from Kats and drag him off the stage with evidently an intent of preventing him from sharing a stage with the Fangone Forest boss.

Despite his efforts to hesitate from being dragged, Mc Kats was overpowered by the many men who kept him off the podium until Alien finished his performance.

The humiliation left Kats with a sour taste in his mouth and reacted by filing two cases against his offenders at Jinja Road Police Station.

According to the police references obtained by Kats, he accuses Alien Skin of cyber harassment and defamation, under reference SD REF: 80/08/09/2023.

Additionally, Kats accuses Alien’s colleague Ibra and others of Assault under reference number SD REF: 79/08/09/2023.

Alien Skin, Mc Kats

The incident has since elicited conflicting responses from internet users, with some lauding Alien Skin for the gesture while others are criticizing it.

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Taking to their respective social media platforms, here is what some netizens had to say about the saga.

This doesn’t look good at all! Why humiliate some like this? To showcase power? Or what? One thing I know, violence is expensive,you can’t be a product of public sympathy and resort to public humiliation,more like taking fans for jokers.Any ways,I Hope Alien and team have good lawyers and big money. My sympathies broda Kats.
-Calvin The Entertainer-


This VIOLENCE IS ENOUGH…!!!!! You can’t disrespect people like that, Especially people who have worked so hard for this industry. You cannot take their contribution for a joke. Alien.skinug you and your whole team are JOKERS, Proper JOKERS, 6 months mu industry and you are behaving like this Pallasomusic slapped you here and the whole nation sided with for sympathy and now you here grooming violence Mc Katsug I am with you every step and I mean EVERY STEP of the way….!! No. 2, I DARE and I mean DARE ANYBODY TO DO THIS TO ME, Me Dagy Nyce, I DARE ANYBODY. You will see, Maaso Ku Lutimbe.
-Dagy Nyce-


These people are not worthy your legacy please don’t give them what they think of you.
Your legacy speaks itself to does who matter in this fake industry of ours.
-DJ Jacob Omutuuze-


Who let all those hooligans on that stage!!!

Irene Ntale


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