South Sudanese demand for an apology from singer Angella Katatumba

Five months back, Singer Angella Katatumba and local YouTuber Wasswa Emma had an interview regarding her music career and a lot was shared.

As the interview escalated, Emma asked Angella where she got the guts to work with South Sudanese artists because they are so behind and not serious musically.

Mockingly, Angella said she got to know Mr. Green through her manager Ocean hence doing the song dubbed ”Darling”. She added that since they have money and were willing to cater for almost everything, she couldn’t turn down the offer.

Angella Katatumba
Angella Katatumba

Emma poses another question whether Angella Katumba has ever watched any of South Sudanese music on Youtube. He adds that he once bumped into their music on the Youtube streets, but it was far beyond his expectations.

Drowning in laughter, Angella Katatumba said she has never watched any of their music but she thinks they are trying musically.

Emma interrupts and recalls the saga where South Sudanese accused Ugandan of not mourning with them following the loss of their artist Mantani. He Jockingly explains that Uganda had its own problems at a time but unserious South Sudanese wanted to control how the country should run its activities.

Five months After, South Sudanese bumped into the interview on Youtube, hence directing their arsenals to Angella Katatumba and the interviewer.

They accuse the duo of speaking ill about their fallen artists Mantani and mocking their music industry

South Sudanese Lady Kola and Dynamq teamed up with other artists in the country and urged Angella to issue an apology failure Ugandans should not cross to their country.

Wasswa Emma took to his Youtube channel and issued an apology to all the South Sudanese who were offended by the interview saying it was a mistake and a lesson learned which will never happen again.



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