Spice Diana

Spice Diana Gets Her Chipped Teeth Fixed

Source Management singer Spice Diana will henceforth smile confidently having fixed her chipped teeth earlier today.

On several occasions, Spice Diana has been the topic of discussion over her chipped teeth and complexion.

She was recently reported to have had a bare-knuckled argument with a fan who advised her to take better care of her teeth and skin citing she had the means to do so.

Spice Diana

Despite revealing that her goals go beyond fixing teeth and skin, Spice Diana has earlier today visited a dental clinic and got her teeth worked upon.

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Taking to her socials, the exhilarated singer flaunted her newly fixed teeth and revealed that she can now smile widely and confidently.

Finally I can now smile widely , comfortably after fixing my chipped teeth at the best dental care center in the country Identalcareug __ last slides my teeth before
Hey Say no more all your dental problems
Visit them at Equatorial mall close to bank of Africa


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