Spice Diana

Spice Diana Narrates How She Crossed Paths With Her Absentee Biological Father After Very Many Years

Singer Hajara Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has opened up on how she crossed paths with her absentee biological father after very many years.

While taking part in an interview with Bukedde TV, Spice Diana disclosed how she didn’t grow up with her biological father Mr. Zibira.

The source management singer added that she wasn’t born a Muslim either, but after Mr. Mansur Ntwatwa filled a fatherly void in her life, he gave her an additional name ‘Hajarah’

Spice continues by saying decades later when she had blossomed into a woman to be proud of, her biological father came looking for her.

Spice Diana

She recalls the moment happening during one of her performances in Mpererwe when her father confronted her mid-performance to give her a token of appreciation.

The “Siri regular” insisted that even though she hadn’t had a good relationship with her father in a very long time, she could still recall and identify that he was her father.

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Spice also says that she met her father after the event, they had a long conversation about a variety of subjects, and she accepted him as her father despite all that had happened to her growing up.

Spice also urged parents not to abandon their children merely because of misunderstandings between them because they don’t know what the future holds for them.


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