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Spice Diana’s father’s rental unit in Mpererwe causes a stir on social media

A picture of singer Spice Diana’s father’s rental unit in Mpererwe caused a stir on social media yesterday.

The photo showcased Mr. Zibira Rental, who is not only Spice Diana’s father but also serves as the area defence chairman.

This revelation left netizens dissatisfied, criticizing the singer for allegedly neglecting her father while focusing on her mother.

Some criticized her for not using her wealth and influence to improve her father’s living conditions, while others questioned her priorities and loyalty to her family.

The photo of Mr. Zibira’s rental unit sparked a debate about the responsibilities of children towards their parents, especially when they achieve success and fame.

Spice Diana

Some argue that it is important for individuals to support their parents and provide for them, regardless of their own personal achievements.

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Spice Diana has not yet responded to the criticism, but the incident has brought attention to the importance of family relationships and the need to prioritize the well-being of loved ones, especially in times of success and prosperity.


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