Ssenga Justine Nantume

Ssenga Justine Nantume Arrests a Teacher Who Beat Her Son to a Comma

Actress, Tv personality, and sex expert Ssenga Justine Nantume arrested a teacher who severely beat up her son to a comma.

According to Nantume, her son graced a colleague’s birthday, a decision that didn’t settle well with his teacher.

Identified as Nkwanga Julius, the teacher embarked on hitting Nantume’s son severely, before he lost consciousness and rushed to Mengo hospital.

Although the son was eventually discharged from the hospital, Nantume stressed that the teacher was still imprisoned at the time of the video recording.

Ssenga Justine Nantume

She further stressed owing to the damages inflicted on her son, he experiences cerebral blackouts brought about by a blood clot.

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The comedienne expressed her gratitude to friends and well-wishers who had prayed for her and her ailing son.

Quick recovery.


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