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“Stop Misleading Youths” – Eddy Kenzo to Critics Suggesting his Festival Costume Was Influenced by the Illuminati

Big Talent chief and Grammys awards nominee Eddy Kenzo has come out and clapped back at critics suggesting that his festival costume was inspired by Illuminati.

Over the years, critics have been attributing Eddy Kenzo’s success to subscribing to the Illuminate sect, a secret society believed to possess supernatural powers.

Despite the singer always extinguishing the rumors that spread like a wildfire, it looks like a section of internet users are always not ready to take in the singer’s assertions.

At the recently concluded Kenzo Festival, the singer began by donning a red outfit that encompassed his entire body.

The highlight didn’t go unnoticed by Kenzo’s detractors, who claimed that this was one of the rites the singer performed for the Illuminati.

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo and Jose Chameleon During the Eddy Kenzo Festival (PHOTO: CBS FM)

Eddy Kenzo came across a message on social media earlier today that was shared by a renowned Tiktoker Godfather, who credited the singer’s Grammys nomination and many other nominations to come to the concealed power behind the singer’s outfit he wore during his festival a few weeks back.

This means a lot, He will win all the awards in the world and he will die with his secret.

In response, Eddy Kenzo clarified in the comment section that his costume was just simply a cloth, before pleading with Godfather not to mislead young people.

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The singer further expressed his dismay with people, who always credit the devil after God has blessed them with his fortune.

“Bambi tokyamya bavuka that’s a costume olwo lugoye kyambalo just. Mukama akola emirimu ate nemutasima God is great, God the greatest ♥️ akola ebirungi nemubiwa sitani and God is watching.”

-Eddy Kenzo-


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