Swahaba Kasumba

Swahaba Kasumba Sent to Luzira Prison Over Failing to Pay Ugx 16M to a Money Lender

Singer Swahaba Kasumba has been sent to prison after being found guilty of failing to pay a debt of 16 million Ugandan shillings to a money lender identified as Lutwama.

According to reports surrounding Kasumba’s incarceration, he received funds from Lutwama but failed to adhere to the mutually agreed repayment schedule.

Lutwama conducted a thorough search for the Swaba Kasumba over a prolonged period and eventually apprehended him, taking him to a nearby police station, and later on Friday, (27 Oct) subsequently brought before the court.

The ruling was handed down by Dorcus, a Magistrate Grade 1 at Mengo Court, who ordered that Kasumba be remanded to Luzira Prison until October 30, 2023.

The decision has sent shockwaves through the Ugandan music industry, with many of Kasumba’s fans expressing their disappointment and sadness at the news.

Swahaba Kasumba

Kasumba, known for his unique blend of traditional and modern music, has been a prominent figure in the Ugandan music scene for many years.

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The case against Kasumba serves as a warning to other musicians and artists to be careful when dealing with money lenders and to ensure that they fulfil their financial obligations in a timely and responsible manner.


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