Sylvia Namutebi vying for top 15 spot at Mrs World Finale 

Beauty queen Slyvia Namutebi Alibhai is vying to be among top 15 in the category of Fabulous Face at Mrs. World Finale.
She has called on Uganda to vote for her and you can vote by following the link in the post below.
“Hello Uganda, it’s time to VOTE for your queen in the Fabulous face category to guarantee a placement on the top 15 at the Mrs World  Finale. Go to www.mrsworld.com click on delegates scroll down to Uganda, Click on my picture and vote Uganda 🇺🇬
Voting ends January 5th 2022
OR follow the link below 👇🏿 https://mrsworld.com/delegates-2022/ #mrsworld #mrsworld2022 #pageantstyle #beautywithapurpose,” Sylvia Namutebi Alibhai posted.


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