Tamale Mirundi, Tamale Mirundi Junior,

Tamale Mirundi Recounts Nearly Shooting Dead His Son Mirundi Jr. Over Criticizing Pastor Bugingo

Tamale Mirundi Senior, a well-known political analyst, has disclosed that he came close to shooting his son, Tamale Mirundi Junior.

During an interview, Mirundi shared that he became enraged when his son criticized Pastor Bugingo, who had recently survived an assassination attempt.

According to Mirundi, his son claimed that Pastor Bugingo had been denied a visa. When Mirundi questioned the validity of these allegations, his son confronted him to fight.

Mirundi revealed that at that moment, he drew his pistol and almost took his son’s life, but it was his bodyguard who managed to calm him down.

Tamale Mirundi, Tamale Mirundi Junior,

Mirundi emphasized that his attack on Pastor Bugingo was unwarranted, especially considering that the pastor had been instrumental in covering his medical expenses and had made a significant contribution during the son’s graduation, amounting to over Ugx 2M.

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Mirundi further mentioned that this was not the first time he had attempted to harm his son declaring that he had disowned his son and vowed never to forgive him.


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