Rosa Ree

Tanzanian Rapper Rosa Ree Reveals How Pregnancy Hambled Her

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree real name Rosary Robert Iwole has opened up about how pregnancy deprived her of her slay abilities.

Sunday, May 14th, 2023 was Mother’s Day and this saw various celebrities globally share their motherhood experiences including Tanzanian singer Rosa Ree.

Despite keeping her pregnancy under wraps, the rapper disclosed the news of her family expansion in an Instagram reel on Mother’s Day.

Even though becoming a mother is the best experience a woman could ask for, Rosa Ree acknowledged that her pregnancy was harder than she had anticipated.

The mother of one said that while she had intended to look adorable during her pregnancy, the changes that came along with it made her feel less secure in her appearance.

Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree added that the pregnancy nose and dark complexion made her look totally different from how she normally looked.

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She started a workout regimen in an effort to regain her body form, which worked out well as she expected.


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