Senfuma John, teacher arrested after entering student's home, hillside high school mityana

Teacher Senfuma John Nabbed After Entering His Student’s Home For Sexual Favours | VIDEO

A recent incident involving a teacher identified as Ssenfuma John has sparked a heated debate on social media. It was discovered that Mr Senfuma had entered one of his students’ homes to engage in sexual activity.

According to reports, Mr. Senfuma had been involved in a secret romantic relationship with a female student, whose identity remains unknown.

Their communication on WhatsApp revealed that he had provided her with financial assistance and had requested to meet up before the holidays ended.

During their conversation, the girl suggested meeting at her home since her aunt would be away for a while, making it a suitable location for their encounter.

Mr Senfuma John, 38 expressed concern about potential interference from neighbours, but the girl assured him that it would be safe for them to meet.

Senfuma John, teacher arrested after entering student's home, hillside high school mityana

On the planned day, Senfuma John arrived at his student’s home, only to be confronted by her relatives. They interrogated him about his presence and subjected him to physical assault. It was later discovered that he was a teacher at Hillside High School in Mityana.

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This incident has caused a significant uproar on social media, with many individuals condemning the teacher for attempting to engage in a sexual relationship with a young student.

Teacher Senfuma John was subsequently surrendered to the authorities to face the repercussions of his deeds, potentially resulting in the revocation of his teaching credentials.


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