Rango Tenge Tenge

Tenge Tenge’s Parents Have Taken the Boy Away From His Handler After Gaining Stardom

According to recent reports from our news desk, the parents of the social media sensation Rango Tenge Tenge have expressed their desire to remove him from the care of his current handler.

It is worth noting that Tenge Tenge gained immense popularity after his manager, Kabonge Michael, filmed and shared videos of him on various social media platforms, which quickly went viral.

Since then, he has become a global sensation, with countless fans eager to witness his talent firsthand.

However, his relatives have hindered his opportunities by preventing him from travelling abroad for international performances on multiple occasions.

To make matters worse, his family now wishes to reclaim custody of him, asserting that they are capable of doing everything his manager does.

Rango Tenge Tenge

They have even vowed to create new social media accounts for Tenge Tenge, effectively preventing his manager, from filming any more videos of him.

This decision by the relatives has sparked concern among internet users, with many criticizing their actions.

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The development was unveiled by upcoming singer Kid Dee on TikTok, and it was subsequently confirmed by Tenge Tenge’s official social media account in the comments section revealing how he suffered with the boy only to be taken away after gaining stardom.


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