Mrs. Prossy Mayanja

The Mayanja Mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja Reportedly Undergoes Successful Heart Operation

Jose Chameleone, Weasel Mainzo, and Pallaso’s mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja reportedly underwent a successful heart operation in the course of last week.

During one of his entertainment news update sessions on KFM, media personality Isaac Daniel Katende, a.k.a. Kasuku, broke the news of Mrs. Prossy Mayanja’s surgery.

According to Kasuku, Mrs. Prossy Mayanja has over the years been battling heart complications which saw her get an attack and collapse.

She was since rushed to Mulago Hospital Heart Institute, where medics established that the veins that transport blood to the heart had started slowing down.

Mrs. Prossy’s ailment saw her sons Weasel Manizo and Pallaso frequently visit Mulago Hospital to make sure their mother was safe and receiving the best treatment possible.

Mrs. Prossy Mayanja

Kasuku said further that arrangements to release Mrs. Prossy from the hospital had already been arranged at the time of his revelation.

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More details coming from the Mayanja suggest that Mrs. Prossy is currently recuperating and her caretakers are certain she will be back on her feet soon.


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