Mirife Don't run

The Origin of Murife Don’t Run VIDEO that Has Taken social media by Storm Revealed

As we author this, social media has been washed off its fit by a video clip that made its way on various socializing apps a few days back.

In the video, a boy identified as Mulife could be seen running for his dear life moments after seemingly rubbing dogs the wrong way.

According to reports, however, the name is ”Mulife” with an L and not ”Murife” as written by many.

Reports further suggest that the audio was extracted from a video shot by a Namibian family in the village of Katima Muliro.

During their travel, they came across a group of Baboons and parked to watch and feed them.

Unfortunately, one of the baboons had a scary-looking appearance, which caused Mulife to flee before being pursued by the baboons.

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The boy’s family started yelling at him to stop running and these could be heard saying, “Murife don’t run, Murife don’t run,”.

The video which has since gone viral has seen netizens generate various memes and attach the sound to come up with hilarious videos.


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