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“The Return of Clever J” Concert Turn Up Leaves Critics in Awe

Singer Clever J left critics in awe having held his just concluded “The Return of Clever J” concert which registered a good turnout.

4th August 2023 will live on in Clever J’s memory after successfully holding his concert at Lugogo K.C.C.A grounds.

By six o’clock in the evening, Clever J’s concert had begun, with several curtain raisers taking the stage and attendees streaming in from all directions to grace the event.

The crowd wasn’t particularly large by 8 PM, but this didn’t stop acts from continuing as scheduled. However, by 9:30, the numbers had grown, and so was the vibe.

Clever J received support from fellow musicians like Mesach Semkula, Spice Diana, Yung Mulo, Alien Skin, Betty Mpologoma, and Abdul Mulaasi who charged up revellers throughout the concert.

Clever J

By 10:30 PM, the eagerly anticipated performer Clever J appeared on stage barefooted clad in an attire that represented his line of work as a bricklayer.

Clever J who was performing on a live band performed a variety of his old and new songs leaving attendees in a jaw-dropping state.

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Later, his father, Mr. John Bukenya, and his older daughter joined him to further liven up the occasion. He thanked everyone who attended his concert before calling it a day.

Have a look at the video below;


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