The Rise and Fall of The Late Gangster Sobbi (Biography)

The story of ex-Kifeesi gang leader Sserunjogi Paddy Sobbi is one of both rise and fall. Born in Kitintale, Sobbi grew up with a desire to be the toughest and most feared man. He derived his name from the movie ‘Escape from Sobibor,’ which depicted the atrocities of a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. Over time, his name was shortened to Sobbi.

Sobbi’s fascination with guns began early, as he acquired his first firearm at the age of 10. At 12 years old, Sobbi engaged in looting at Silver Springs. By the time he was 13, he had already fired his first shot during a coffee looting in Luzira at Portbell. Sobbi admitted to stealing from UTC buses and taxis, using his gun to rob passengers of their money.

From 1992 to 1998, Sobbi directed passengers to taxis heading to Luzira at Burton Street in Kampala, occasionally working as a conductor. In 1995, he was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm and claimed nonresponsibility for the charges against him. He was remanded for four years at Luzira Upper Prison. During his time in prison, he was transferred to various facilities, including Mobuku, Rwimi, Katojjo, and Ibuga.

Just three months before completing his sentence, Sobbi’s court appeal was accepted. However, he chose to decline the opportunity and finish his punishment. Upon his release in 1999, Sobbi resumed his criminal activities, targeting forex bureaus and banks to amass wealth. He also experienced the harsh reality of his actions when he was shot in the stomach and leg during one of his missions.

In 2015, after serving several years in prison, Sobbi made a vow to abstain from any further criminal activities. He claimed to have transformed, becoming a born-again Christian, and urged his colleagues to follow his example.

Sserunjoji Paddy Sobi

Sobbi subsequently collaborated with the authorities and committed to assisting them in apprehending all criminals in Kampala.

Later on, Sobbi delved into the realm of land reclamation, aiding individuals in recovering their unlawfully seized properties. Regrettably, his life was abruptly ended yesterday during a violent altercation, resulting in his untimely demise and leaving his colleagues injured.

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Preparations for Sobbi’s burial are currently underway, ensuring that he is laid to rest with the utmost reverence he rightfully deserves.


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